Liat Bassan-Ulmer






Welcome to my website...







I am Liat and glasswork is my passion.


Born and raised in Jerusalem, I have lived for the past 20 years in picturesque Limburg, the southernmost province of The Netherlands.

Science has always interested me, in particular chemistry, although strangely enough, only glass has rekindled this passion for experimenting in material, form and colour.

My fascination for glass is reflected in all aspects of everyday life: from kitchen objects to wall coverage, and even electricity sockets... but only recently, I realised that I, myself, can create unique art with it.


The glass objects that I make are creative, decorative, sometimes practical.

Alternating between opaque and transparent glass, and combined with other materials, like metal and wood. It is like playing artistic geometry, by making 3D imaginary creations in different forms and colours.


The colourful landscape of my childhood have influenced my artistic style.

The yellow Judea Desert lying at the foot of the dark green mountains of Jerusalem, the crystal blue crisp air, the longing for the cyan Mediterranean sea, the pure white silence of religious holidays fading into magenta sunset - and the bright, sometimes harsh light of my homeland.


Not to be forgotten, the inspiration of Escher, Mondrian, Kandinsky and Rietveld.


Now, I cordially invite you to explore my exciting new site. Enjoy the experience.